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I'm new here.

I apologize if this is considered spam or anything, but I'd just like to say hello! I'm new to this website, although a HUGE longtime AC fan. I have all games to date, minus syndicate since it has yet to be released for PC. 100% sync no HUD no opening map no killing guards no making a scene ect... I'm hardcore. Let's just say that lol

Sorry for rambling, just trying to introduce myself and exactly how obsessed I am. XD

I am here now though, ready and willing to serve the brotherhood to my best extent.
  • Crowsnevermore

    welcome to the council.If you have any questions, let us know and we can help. What is your favorite game in the series?

    • x__Vex__x

      I love them all, totally. But I really like how revelations truly expressed the war between the two sides. I didn't like how after I trained up my master assassins I locked all the dens though. Despite the hate, I enjoyed struggling for control with the Templars over the city.

    • x__Vex__x

      My favorite is a tough choice. I love them all so much!

  • GJT1991

    Welcome aboard :)

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