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Edward Kenways character?

Don't get me wrong, black flag had great gameplay... and I'm no hater on any game. But am I the only one who saw Edward James Kenway as a bit of a greedy prick?
  • Lpaulucci

    In the novel he looks more greedy , but you can observe that he changed along the time

  • Crowsnevermore

    thats what makes him a great protagonist. he starts out that way but is humbled by the end

  • ChilleCliit

    Ofcourse he's greedy, what else would you expect from a pirate...?

  • GJT1991

    I'd advise you to read such books as Treasure Island, The Pirate, and The Buccaneers of America to name but a few. If anything Edward Kenway is quite tame for an ex-privateer in the West-Indies.

  • Loras_Lazarus

    I'd even say he was reaaally annoying and a bit... you know, not very smart... But that's what's cool ! We can see his evolution, understand his commitment to the cause, and that was different from all the other protagonists before :D

  • teenwolfie

    it's a pirate.

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