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Assassin's Lighter Brand

How cool would it be to burn an Assassin's insignia right into your notebook or the wood headpost on your bed? Yeah, we know, we've done both and it's ridiculously cool!!

The unique 3D printed steel branding iron snaps right onto a standard Bic lighter and features a large Assassin's Sigil, similar to one known by most gamers (but totally unaffiliated with that game you're thinking of) 

Simply light up and hold the flame on the metal end for about 60-90 seconds and then brand away!

  • x_Beto_x

    I need this!

  • Null_Shock

    (May be a double post.) I too need this. Has anyone tried to use this for branding? I have always wanted to get branded, but never found anything I wanted seared into(onto?) my flesh. (NOTE: Unless you're an adult[21+], and fully understand the permanence, and potential consequences[Could affect potential and/or current employment.] of Body Art/Modification, please ignore my comment about the branding,)

    • Crowsnevermore

      i know a few people in the kink scene that have done or have brands. i imagine this would work just fine, but make sure its sterile and keep it clean if you actually did go about it

  • Lpaulucci

    Thi is so cool ! Thanks for share!

  • x__Vex__x

    It's cool but could easily be dangerous and cause a permenent scar.

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