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AC1 Remastered?

So everyone, I've known about this for months, is this legit about remastering the first assassins creed, and putting it on PS4 and X1? As for that they are not releasing a new Assassins Creed game this year. Also for making an all original movie. (Which by the way the man playing the assassin "Michael Fassbender" in the movie is an oscar nomanee for best actor this yr.) Anyway, is this legit, and have anyone else heard about this?

    Check your grammar and ortography before posting, but yeah, I've heard rumors about this

    • zachb2713

      Thank you for letting me know that about the grammar. I knew my post had grammar errors it was 3 am where Im from. Along with south eastern US we don't know grammar very well, but that's no exuse. Anyway I was half or more than half asleep. Again thank you for letting me know.

  • x__Vex__x

    I hope so.

  • TheDivisionist

    720p on xbox one..... really

    • zachb2713

      My brother has X1 amd has a 4k tv. He said it makes up for it, and can't tell it is 720p

  • f.dumont

    Clearly a fake ! However, it's would make sense if Ubisoft propose something like an AC collection with remastered AC from the last gen.

  • bernardosan2015

    I wish this was true

  • Crowsnevermore

    First I've heard of this, but there was a domain a few months ago that UBI bought under assassinscreedcollection.com so maybe?

  • r3e2ft

    Heard about it, first time I have seen a picture about it though

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