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Hidden Blades

One of my favourite things in AC is the design of different hidden blades. So, I thought I'll share this photoset I made using concept art of each game's hidden blade.

My personal favourite is probably AC4 one and the original Altair wore. Gotta appreciate the simplicity :) Which ones do you personally prefer?

- Agne
  • Aftermath1231

    This is a really cool shot! Great to see all of them together. Although it's weird Arno's is on his right hand.

    • nemophilist

      Haha I never noticed... That's how it was in the concept, maybe mirrored-viewed somehow

    • mainmanj1

      I know right you never notice how the blade evolves over time unless you really have a good look at it from this kind of angle

  • mysticheero

    I love the evolution of the blade through every game

  • Crucifer12

    Nice photoset, but still miss one... Aveline's hidden blades

    • nemophilist

      There was no hidden blade (at least I couldn't find) concept art with Aveline that's why I excluded it :/


    Where's Shay's hidden blade, from AC Rouge

  • Gajeek

    Connor's hidden blade is my favourite, but not for stealth killing. It is the the best as weapon in close range fight.

  • Ashinnut

    AC4 hidden blade ruled till they introduced syndicate....can you please tell me about the 2nd , 3rd and 5th ones

    • Nessie-Kojiro

      2nd is Altair's blade (notice the ring finger being cut off), 3rd I'm not totally sure on but it looks similar to something during the Ezio timeline, possibly Giovanni's and the 5th one is the Hook Blade from AC: Revelations. Ezio gets it when he gets to Constantinople and meets Yusuf and the Turkish brotherhood.

    • McClean99

      the 3rd may be Altair, the finger is missing

    • masteer5

      The second does look like it's missing a finger, but it looks more like it was never there rather than being cut off. I'm really curious about the 5th one, it looks like some kind of tribal hidden blade

    • gehenna27

      The hookblade has two parts...

  • Nessie-Kojiro

    If I'm getting this write: the 1st one is Desmond's in the modern times, 2nd is Altair's, 3rd: ? (possibly Giovanni's), 4th: Ezio's, 5th: Ezio/Turkish Brotherhood (hook blade), 6th: Connor's, 7th: Edward's, 8th: Arno's, 9th: Jacob and Evie's. Am I wrong anywhere on these? If so please definitely correct me.

  • Loodvik34

    Nice drawings

  • Twitch27495

    They should bring back double hidden blades they are the better ones, in Accordance Unity wit double assassination there isn't another hidden blade so how can you double assassinate? I'd rather fight using the hidden blade. Bring it back. Thanks.

  • RubickTheBest

    Where is rogue?

  • KSW87

    Oh ye4h!!!

  • Daniele.Mal

    "present day" hidden blade is the best for me...it would be nice to see it wearing a new "present day" protagonist

  • GhiassiArian

    Altaïr's and Edward's are the best.

  • aceadam004

    i believe that no.3 is the standard hidden blade Ezio starts off with and no.4 is the upgraded poison/pistol/armoured hidden blade that Ezio recieves via Codex pages. I could be wrong though

  • IDma88

    What game on the second picture in the first row? Something I did not know

  • DrowsiestClown9

    Ac ouge is not a assassin game u play a templar

  • TacoOoMonster

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  • DulzKansekarin

    This is cool, but where's Shay's hidden blade?

  • KotaTheOu7

    I like Arno's hidden blade, but also Jacobs. It's practical. (Although everyblade is.) Ok, no, i like every blade.

  • Arena525

    Do like how they've gone back to the old way of using the hidden blade in Syndicate rather than stick with Unity's blade/bow.

  • Alexandros_Ag

    Well, i like Arno's hidden blade the most...i think it's the stealthiest of all! But i think Connor's is the most crafty.

  • GJT1991

    Fantastic artwork, really well done; I'd have to say that my favourite hidden blade is also the one from black flag (mainly as it's the one that I bought), however I'm fascinated by the leap of mechanical ingenuity with the Phantom blade and further more with the entire gauntlet for syndicate.

  • x__Vex__x

    Huh. Never noticed Edwards had the pirate skull on it.

  • BatJames32

    Technically Shay is a Templar from Assassin Orgins so it makes sense that its not on there. I like Jacobs and Arno's blades as well as Ezio's

  • Neshtek

    Which is the first one? The one wore by Altair is second; so which is the first?!

  • zachtgp818

    For those who can’t tell who each blade belonged to: 1 – Desmond (Modern Day) 2 – Altair (Assassins Creed) 3 – Ezio (Assassins Creed 2) 4 - Ezio (Brotherhood) 5 - Ezio (Revelations) 6 – Connor (Assassins Creed 3) 7 – Edward (Black Flag) 8 – Arno (Unity) 9 - Jacob/Evie (Syndicate)

  • LEOkonami

    Loved the hook blade!

  • Zekami1432

    Wow! Its amazing to see how things have changed in assassins creed, with there hidden blades! My personal favorite would have to be Jacob Fry's one!

  • TimTheUnlucky

    Personally I like Jacob and Evie's when the Chimera Gauntlet is equipped

  • AnaslovesAssass

    That was a cool pic mate, and it really shows how the hidden blades evolved through history

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