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The Ezio Collection : Constantinople Map

Constantinople had four magnificent districts: Constantine, Bayezid, Imperial, and Galata. It was not just the largest and wealthiest city in Europe during the Renaissance, but also the gate to Asia and an important trading post.
Two continents come together in this marvellous city, just as two legendary generations of Master Assassins met each other across dimensions and centuries, Ezio and Altair.  We also experienced a memorable first meeting with Yusuf Tazim, the leader of the Ottoman Assassin Brotherhood who gave Ezio a modification to the Hidden Blade. The Hookblade, the name says it all, right?
Our beloved Italian Mentor got even more likeable when he performed as a spectacular minstrel at a feast in the sultans palace and when he picked tulips for his future wife, Sofa Sartor.
"The crossroads of the world. Many generations of men have ruled this city, but they have never subdued her. She always bounces back." – Yusuf Tazim

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