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The Ezio Collection - Hook Blade

Handy gadgets are a must-have for our fellow Assassins. There is one very unique gadget, however, which we will always keep in mind. Its name is literally its description. Not even the most experienced Assassin can climb everywhere or everything. The hookblade is the perfect invention to extend an Assassin’s reach. Make sure to check out the concept art, which shows the famous Hookblade, introduced in Revelations by Yuzuf.  Brace yourself for Hook-and-Run’s!
  • TheAssassin2555

    The hookblade has two parts; the hook and the blade -Yusuf Tazim,1511

    • Null_Shock

      Looking at gameplay, the blade continues out of the "hook" bit. When stabbing the hook would be pressed in, as the blade would remain stationary. But yea that would still be two parts. . .

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