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multiple playable characters in origins

during E3 ubisoft confirmed that there will be other playable characters in the game. they would't let to much information go about this, but it is a interresting feature in the game. 

how it will play out is still a mistery for now but there are some rumours how it will play in origins.

some say that you will go futher back in time to see how the brotherhood will start.

personally this concept sounds very cool to me and I hope they will implement this.

what do you guys think? leave me a comment with your thoughts and love this post if you did.
  • Night_Navigator

    Perhaps they meant Senu? Darius and/or Amunet would be on top of my most wanted and most expected playable characters list.

    • W1998-rick

      i agree that would be awesome but as the case may or may not be we have to wait to find it out. to bad though because i got to know hahah

  • dead_zombies

    I think with "other playable character" they actually meant the modern day character, not another character in Egypt alongside Bayek. They haven't revealed anything about modern day yet. There were also rumors about "rifts" which will let you play as other assassins in their time periods which might tie into the story.

    • W1998-rick

      yes this could be a real thing in origins. but if you hear ubisoft talk in te interview they gave about this it really seems likely that it is a playable caracter in the time before Bayek. but we have to wait and see to be sure

  • Lone-Wulfe

    It sounds like modern day is going to come back strong!

    • W1998-rick

      i hope not actually. it might be better for the series if the left that part out of this game for once

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