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I've been watching some gameplays of ACU and I noticed that Arno only has one hidden blade. Someone explain that to me pls.


Update: I'm stupid, he does have two hidden blades. But for some reason he mostly uses the left one. meh..
  • D.sH.

    Here's the explanation: He only has one hidden blade.

  • Lonnie_Jackson

    The promotional trailers he did have one on each hand. In the game however the costume of Arno is different. His belt is even on the outside of his jacket in-game.

    • Ookami2016

      Yeah, the trailers show things that aren't in the game. In AC1 he was going to have a crossbow. In ACRogue it was suposed to have the "famous" Hooded-Templar-Outfit. There are other examples, but I don't know any more XD

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