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Assassin's creed Origins Monster Energy UK Promotion GIVEAWAY #2

Second giveaway here! 

This time it's different - I have 5 codes here, most are claimed but at least 1 is an unclaimed code 

Visit the same website mentioned in my first post to enter (and follow instructions)

Every 30 minutes I will post a question on here (or when a correct answer is made), and the first correct answer is the winner of 1 random code. You have unlimited attempts so feel free to comment whenever you can :)

***When a code is won, it will be posted publicly so make sure you are first to input the code in the site!***

If the 30 minutes is up with no correct answers, I will post the code for everyone to see and reveal the next question

First question will be posted as soon as this post is made. May the best assassins win!

It is possible to enter for all codes so ensure you are fast and you may win yet!

Nothing is true; everything is permitted

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