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Trials of the Gods - Face the God of the Dead

First Event: November 7–14

The Trials of the Gods will test every skill you’ve learned while surviving in Ancient Egypt. Brute strength alone won’t suffice – you’ll also need to apply your battle strategies on a scale larger thananything you’ve faced before.

Our first Trial is Anubis, the God of the Dead. With the head of a jackal, this ancient deity has sprung from a glitch in the Animus and is eager to guide Bayek’s soul to the afterlife, unless you defeat him.

You’ll find this battle with Anubis marked on your map. Once you reach the location, a huge beam of light will indicate where the Animus glitch is active, and where your challenge awaits. 

Treasure Fit for a God

During each event, you will earn one piece of exclusive god-themed gear for defeating your opponent.

You can test your skills as many times as you want during each event, but you will only unlock one weapon per event. Don’t worry if you miss one, you’ll have another shot to take on that god in the future.

For those who prove worthy by defeating each of thedeities, you will receive an exclusive legendary outfit at the end of the Trials.

Future Trials

After Anubis, there will be more Trials of the Godson the horizon, so keep an eye on your in-game map for a sign of another Animus glitch.

Bestof luck fighting against Anubis! Make sure you share screenshots of your fightby using #AssassinsCreed, and follow us on Twitter @AssassinsCreed for the latest updates on Assassin’s Creed Origins.
  • blackcrow964

    Do you need to be level 40 to do this?

  • blackcrow964

    Thanks, Indie.

  • Jezza03

    Will we be able to play the trials again later? UBI messed up the invoices so my package got delayed by 2 weeks and I missed to first one :(

    • Zwippie

      Yes ofc. There will be other gods that needs to die. Anubis will return also later some day. But we also have Ra, Sobek and Seth and maybe others. They each drop one piece of the Anubis armor set.

  • alter23punk

    Has anyone trouble with this qwest's of gods? I defeat Sehmet in about three times, but didn't get reward, shield of antient's... And qwest is always activated again...

  • ScooterGlasgow

    I missed the first trial- is there anyway to get again? Dealt with Sobek and Sekhmet

  • mule4468

    I believe all the trials will be available again, also look out for the triple trial, featuring ALL three Gods. Im not sure if they will be at the same exact point, or one after the other - 19th Dec is a possible date

  • JUTheRocker

    I will buy them all

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