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List of all Quests for ACO.

To The Creed,

Below is a list of all the Quests available in ACO as of date.  Does not include timed events though.  I hope this helps anybody having issues in getting all the quests:

Thanks to Brunadas for helping me get the missing quests, below is the complete list of Quests for ACO. In case anybody would like to Reference to:

A dream of Ashes
A rebel alliance
A Tithe By any other name
Absolute Power
Abuse of power
All Eyes on Us
Ambush at sea 'CURRENTLY BUGGED'
Ambush in the Temple
Are you not entertained
Aya: Blade of the Goddess
Bad Faith
Bayeks Promise
Birth of the Creed
Blood in the water
Blue Hooligans
Carpe Diem
Cat and Mouse
Cat's Cradle
Children of the Street
Conflicts of Interest
Curse of Wadjet
Dead in the Water
Demons in the Desert
Egypt's Medjay
End of the Snake
Fair Trade
Fall of An Empire, Rise Of Another
Family Reunion
Feeding Faiyum
Fighting for Faiyum
Fires of Dionysias
First Blood
Forging Siwa
Founding father
Gear Up
Gennadious the Phylakitai
Halo of the Huntress
Hidden Tax
Higher Education
His secret Service
In Protest
Lady of Slaughter
Last of the Medjay
Loose Cargo
Lost Happiness
May Amun walk beside you
Mortem Romanum
Murder in the Temple
My Brother for a Horse
New Kid in town
Odor most foul
Old Times
One Bad Apple
Pax Romana
Phylake's Prey
Phylakitai in the eye
Playing with Fire
Plight of the Rebels
Pompeius Magnus
Precious Bonds
Predator to Prey
Prisoners in the Temple
Rebel Strike
Recon Work
Rites of Anubis
Secret of the First Pyramids 'PREORDER ONLY'
Serapis Unites
Seven Farmers
Shadows Of Apollo
Shadya's Rest
Smoke Over Water
Sobeks Gold
Sobek's Tears
Striking the Anvil
Taimhotep's Song
Taking Liberty
Taste of her Sting
The Accidental Phylosopher
The aftermath
The bakers Dilemma
The battle of the nile
The Book of the Dead
The Bride
The Champion
The Crocodiles Jaws
The Crocodile's Scales
The False Oracle
The Final Weighing
The flea of cyrene
The Good Roman
The Healer
The Hungry River
The Hyena
The jaws of Sobek
The Last Bodyguard
The Lizard's Face
The Lizard's Mask
The Lure of Glory
The Man Beast
The Matriarch
The Mousetrap
The oasis
The Odyssey
The Old Library
The Ostrich
The Scarabs Lies
The Scarabs Sting
The Shifty Scribe
The Sickness
The Smugglers of Cyrene
The Tax Master
The Weasel
Thick Skin
Ulterior Votive
Unseeing Eyes
Water Rats
Way of the Gabiniani
What's yours is Mine
When night falls
Wild Ride
Worker's Lament
Wrath of the Poets

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