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Trial Of The Gods - Sekhmet

Trial of the Gods – Sekhmet

December 5–12

Face the most fearsome judgment yet at the third Trial of the Gods. This battle will pit Bayek against the Daughter of Ra, Sekhmet.

Will you accept your fate and bow before the Lioness, or will you risk being consumed by the inferno?

The Mistress of Dread

Sekhmet was a major divinity in Egyptian mythology, a goddess with the head of a lioness and a great capacity for violence when displeased. The people went to great lengths to appease her fury as the consequences of her wrath were dire.

Sekhmet was known as a goddess of several opposing forces. She held domain over fire and war, as well as healing and fertility. Fierce as a lioness herself, Sekhmet was honored at the end of battles so her bloodlust would be soothed and the destruction could end.

Tread carefully, Assassins, as there is no fiercer hunter in all of Egypt than She Who Mauls. If her claws do not tear you apart, her scorching flames will soon follow.


In order to face Sekhmet, you must have completed the questline named Aya. Once you have finished that sequence, you will get a notification for a quest and a location where you will do battle.

While you can attempt this Trial at any point after receiving the quest, the recommended level for facing Sekhmet is 40.


You will receive one item from the Anubis Gear Set on your first successful completion of the event. If you want to keep testing your skills, you will continue to receive XP and drachmas.

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