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A little speculation about the future

What i am about to say has a lot to do with the tombs in AC Origins.So if you havent played them turn away.

I think they are talking about this reality being a simulation.One of them says "break the code Break the node" I think the nodes they are talking about like the Dec 21 2012,Juno already knows about.That is why she chose Dec 21 as the day to be freed.Because that meant she was free in all the "Simulations".As for the simulations themselves i think that the precursors never really created Human beings.

 These are their simulations of the world and it is very possible that the "precursors" Werent precursors at all.Maybe we are the human race who were actually about to be extinguished by the next node and are desperately trying to find a way to avoid that by running various simulations.

The voice that was speaking sounded for a lack of a better word..Human.He was using words that we use.The language felt pretty modern like.Almost like they are actually from the future not the past.

One of the messages says"Simulations are not meaningless" Meaning whoever is running the simulations has some goal to achieve.Also one of the other messages they used simulations to "Find" Desmond.

Maybe that is why the "precursors" know time.It is because they already know all the possibilities there are.

They are using linear continuity for running simulations and that gives them the knowledge of various different results.

What do you guys think?

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