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slight confusion

one thing thats been playing on my mind lately....every assasin we play has eagle vision apart from bayek and we know altiar has it due to being decendant of the 1st civilization, does that mean they all related somehow even though most the other assasins are ancestors to differant people? would make sense with both altiar and ezio being desmonds ancestors but how do the others link together with the same genetic trait?
  • Hameedo.21

    if u remember well, all the memories r from desmond's remains after he died they used his DNA with an advanced Animus so they didnt need him actually be in it. only his DNA and anyone can see his memory. so probably all the protagonists are related since they are using desmond's DNA

    • gehenna27

      Edward was the last of Subject/Sample 17. For Arno's genetic memories they used a sample from a descendant living in Montreal. I don't think it's explicitly stated for Shay and the Frye twins I think is from the Data Dump or their sample sourcing initiative

  • G04T215

    one of his ancestors must of been a well traveled ladies man then to have spread the gene world wide

  • Deano1989667

    That well traveled ladies man must have been Ezio or some other lothario

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