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Bayek's Journey - my Assassin's Creed Origins PC Experience + The Hidden Ones

There are my gameplay videos for the best Assassin's Creed yet, playing as Bayek sometimes Aya.

1. Bayek starts with the Prologue, The Oasis, Gear Up, Family Reunion, and The False Oracle

2. The journey continues in Siwa helping the locals to parry a false prophet

3. The journey continues meeting Aya the first time

4. Bayek finally got lucky :P

5. The journey continues in the desert meeting the sordid Scarab of Letopolis

6. Aya Sails the Aegean Sea in search of Pompey 

7. A sad tale of a Mother that is Hyena who found the Ancient Mechanism and importance of Silica

8. A dream leads to a chain of events in Memphis with the Lizard behind it all

9.  Aya leads a trireme of mercenaries from an ambush of Ptolemy's navy

10. Bayek's follows the lead of a murder in the gladiator arena of  Krokodilopolis 

11. Cleopatra, Pompey, Ceasar, a triumvirate of historical figures make this epic pre-finale

12. The long journey to Cyrene, Bayek finds the ancient transgressions of Romans to the lands they conquer

13. The fall of a Roman titan in the blades of Amunet, gave birth to the brotherhood of the Assassins

14.  An urgent call for help revealed multiple threats originating across the Red Sea 

15. Bayek sails to Sinai to aid the Hidden Ones against the Romans enslaving the populace 

16. Bayek and Aya re-establishes The Hidden Ones agenda and future expansion of their operations

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