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DAMTOYS officially announce movie "Assassin's Creed", Aguilar 1/6th scale

DAMTOYS officially announce, from 20th Century Fox production, an Ubisoft classic game adaptation, movie "Assassin's Creed", Aguilar 1/6th scale Collectible Figure In the Assassin’s Creed movie, the protagonist Aguilar was portrayed by famous actor Michael Fassbender. Damtoys has therefore specially chosen to use a 31cm tall, highly poseable body, based on the character’s build and body proportion. At the same time, the Damtoys production team has perfectly created a complete 1/6-scale set of movie costumes, with movie-accurate textures, patterns, elements and antique finishing, allowing players to display the Assassins in their classic dynamic poses. Skillfully and meticulously crafted by our professional head sculptor, the head sculpt of this figure details the facial contours of Michael Fassbender in his role as Assassin. With his unruly hair, thick beard and facial tattoo, it vividly captures the character’s demeanor. This figure is equipped with a pair of the iconic Hidden Blades, a set of bow and arrow, a dagger, three throwing knives, and comes with multiple pairs of interchangeable hands with missing ring finger and a dedicated backdrop stand with printed movie logo, faithfully bringing to life Michael Fassbender’s Aguilar.

–Assassin's Creed 

–1/6th scale Aguilar Collectible Figure Specifications(DMS006) 6970569626185 Special features of the 1/6th scale Aguilar Collectible Figure: 

-Highly detailed head sculpture 

-DAM muscle action body 

-Ten (10) pieces of interchangeable hands including: 

-One (1) pair of open hands -One (1) pair of hands for holding throwing daggers 

-One (1) pair of relaxed hands -One (1) pair of fists -One (1) hand for holding dagger/bow

 -One (1) hand for holding arrow Costumes: 

-One (1) brown colored outer robe 

-One (1) inner jacket 

-One (1) hood -One (1) leather-like belt 

-One (1) red belt sash 

One (1) pair of dark brown boots 

-One (1) pair of dark brown pants

 -Two (2) hanging ornaments Weapons: Three (3) throwing daggers -Three (3) bombs -One (1) arrow -One (1) bow -One (1) dagger -One (1) dagger sheath -One (1) pair of forearm gauntlets with hidden blades Accessories: -Specially designed figure stand with the movie logo 


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