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Altair's Taunts meaning

I was always curious to know  what the hell Altair say to the guards that makes them so angry ,when  they're harassing the citizens on AC1.I found this list bellow

Eghrib an wehjy: Get out of my face .You disgust me. Go away. You make antelopes excrete their inner organs unwillingly just by how repugnant you are.

Waihak: How dare you?In formal Arabic this means punishment and torture. Mostly used formally in the Qura'an.
It basically means "You're in deeeeeep... trouble"...

Rdoha alaih: Try that on me, have at me (ie why don't you pick on someone your own size)

Tamahhal: slow down

Ala rislek: Stop

(The credits for the traduction are not mine)

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