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Future game features - Questions

I'm curious about the communities desires

I'd like to know how others feel about those topics ;P

1. do you like the new pet mechanisem? should it always be an eagle? if not , then what animal?

2. since origins was openly described to go on a witcher feel by ubisoft if I recall

we shouldn't feel shame about what features we saw in other games , and would like to see in an AC game as well :D , so , got an example for that?

3. Are you enjoying the content published about AC besides the game itself? I know I do

4. What's one thing you liked and one thing you didn't like in each game of the series?
  • hadron5510

    1) No, I do not like the 'new' eagle vision. Personally I find a tedious mechanism to use that does very little to aid one during the need for stealth. Mind you in saying such what else could you replace it with? A parrot? A bat? A well trained goldfish attached to a balloon? 2) I don't play much of anything else except established franchises like Assassin's Creed, the Tomb raider and Uncharted games. I have not come across "Witcher" so I can't answer this question. 3) Yes. This forum gives one some entertainment and I also quite like the various Assassin Creed soundtracks. 4) As far as a game by game list of likes and dislikes, It is something i have really never considered. However, as a whole. What I like is the overriding story arc and the concept that our history may have more to it than meets the eye. A battle for the freewill of man kind that has being going on since before recorded human history. On the down side though, while Assassin's Creed: Origins is a marvelous game in it's over all production and eventual quality (and I say eventually only because it took a number of patches to correct some glaring glitches), I found AC:O 's story to be wanting. The in history story was perhaps simple and basic that lacked what I thought any real substance. At least in other AC games, there where some surprises and twist along the way. As for the out of history story line, where was it? Apart from a brief encounter with armed Abstergo guards and a few cut sense at the dig & in an office, there was little or no reference to the modern part of the story. Do we know if the Templar's managed to clone a First One as at the end of Assassin's Creed Syndicate? Thus my opinion is AC: O story lines where at best simple and at worse, muddled. May the Father of Understanding Guide you.

    • Willy256

      You had me at "well trained goldfish attached to a balloon" but i have a question would said well trained goldfish be able to breathe out of water or would he have a reverse snorkel devise... or just a bowl of water?

    • Adrasthe

      Heck yeah give me that ballooned gold-fish

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