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Who/what is the Father of Understanding?

I think the title best sums this up, but from my own understanding and interpretation of the lore of assassins creed, I believe that the Father of Understanding is not necessarily an individual. Rather it is knowledge. So far in the AC universe the overarching story and lore has had religious and mythological themes. 

Such as the significance of Adam and Eve in Eden, the Apples of Eden, humans being made in the image of the Precursors, and the names of some of the Precursors are names of gods of classic myths. 

Personally I've studied religion most of my life and I find the Greek/Roman, Norse, and Egyptian mythologies fascinating. The Bible says that the Serpent tempted Eve in the garden of Eden. God put the Tree of KNOWLEDGE of good and evil within the garden. The Serpent told Eve that if she ate the fruit of the forbidden tree she would gain knowledge and would then be like God. So she ate the fruit and gave it to Adam to eat. 

So in the AC universe Adam and Eve were the first hybrids of humans and precursors, who stole and apple of Eden in the hope that they could use it and the knowledge it gave them to liberate humans from the enslavement of the precursors. As the number of hybrids grew so did the knowledge gained from the pieces of Eden. 

After the great catastrophe when there were more humans and hybrids than there were members of the First Civilization, some humans sought to be more like the precursors by controlling the rest of humanity with the pieces of Eden and others wanted to use them not to control but simply to gain knowledge for the betterment of mankind. 

So now we are still left with how is knowledge the Father of Understanding? Humans have free will and limited knowledge. The templars see the First Civilization as the perfect Utopian society so they want to recreate that for humans in the present day. And for them the only way of achieving that is to use the knowledge left by the Precursors in the pieces of Eden. 

The above is just my theory as to the identity of the Father of Understanding, however there are other theories that say the Father of Understanding is an actual individual and those being:

Heres a link that goes into detail about why they could be The Father of understanding: https://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1249485-The-Identity-of-The-Father-of-Understanding-(Spoilers)-Forums

There is another that says the FoU is Baphomet but its only because the literal translation of Baphomet from Arabic is The Father of Understanding. And because during the crusades the Knights Templar was thought to be worshiping Baphomet and many confessed to it but only after being tortured. 

But let me know your thoughts!! 
  • Hameedo.21

    we have a templar roaming between us here lets see what he has to say hehehe :p

  • dronedecimattor

    I dunno.maybe when they say "Father" should be metaphorically

  • hadron5510

    Question: Have you played Assassin's Creed - Origins? The answer is in there. May the Father of Understanding guide you.

    • Willy256

      #SPOILERS I know Caesar is referred to as the Father of Understanding in Origins but I do not accept that, because every game apart from the first Assassins Creed has had at least one of the major Templars stating the "FoU" phrase, thus the Father of Understanding is alive or it is simply the knowledge and the quest for the templars to gain more of said knowledge. The end of the phrase implies that the FoU is very much alive by wishing that the FoU might guide another. Seeing as how it would be quite difficult for a dead individual to guide anyone I now suggest that Caesar is either: A. returning from the dead at some point in the series. B. immortal and Aya is mistaken in his assassination. So do you believe that Caesar is the Father of Understanding and if so why?

  • hadron5510

    oh.....and for the record, I do not "roam", that is for Assassin ruffians I am a Templar, we "randomly perambulate".

  • hadron5510

    Do I consider Caesar to be the “Father of Understanding”?.....and better still, why? As far as the story goes, Assassin’s Creed Origins established that Gaius Julius Caesar was the ‘Father of Understanding’ until his Hidden one lead murder 15th of March 44 BC. But if you want to over-think things, I will play. You say: > Seeing as how it would be quite difficult for a dead individual to guide anyone< I think there would be a few million Christians and Muslims who could well argue otherwise. The wise words of anyone can guide if you are willing to accept them and follow them. > Seeing as how it would be quite difficult for a dead individual to guide anyone I now suggest that Caesar is either A. returning from the dead at some point in the series. B. immortal and Aya is mistaken in his assassination< That is not right. It is based upon a static (fixed) assumption that a single individual is the ‘Father of Understanding’. If you consider that the Order of the Ancients itself was a pseudo religious cult possibly the forerunner to the Knights Templar (and I say possibly only because it could be established there was an intermediary order of some kind), itself an order officially recognized by Pope Innocent II in 1139 (although it had been around earlier than that) suggests (to me at least), that the ‘Father of Understanding’ is not one fixed person (Caesar) but a title pasted from one person to another much like The Pope in Catholicism. Meaning that the “Father of understanding” may well be a different person depending on the time of the current game. May the Father of Understanding guide you.

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