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Assassin Playoffs.

It's playoff time for the assassins. 16 have entered but only 8 will escape this round with their life.  The Geek Assassin tournament of assassin's has reached round 1.  Come and vote for who you want to see in the next round. 

Here is the tournament bracket http://www.geekassassin.com/tournament-of-assassins-round-1/

Altaïr Ibn-La’Ahad 16: Shao Jun

2: Connor Kenway 15: Aya Of Alexandria

3: Ezio Auditore 14: Jacob Frye

4:Edward Kenway 13: Haytham Kenway

5: Bayek of Siwa 12: AdéWalé

6: Shay Cormac 11: Yusuf Tazim

7: Desmond Miles 10: Evie Frye

8: Arno Dorian 9: Aguilar De Nerha

Enjoy voting.

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