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State of the AC Universe

Well I've been away from the community for a bit, wanted to wait until  after e3 to see what would change and what news we were gonna get from Ubisoft. I think the fan base has been a little critical on ubisoft, especially with the level of involvement they try to have with the community. What I mean by that is that out of all the studios whose games I play and log onto an account for said studio, they are the only ones that send feedback surveys. I think the new direction in gameplay for AC has to do a lot with the fan base expressing their love for the witcher franchise in those surveys. They are just trying to cater to our criticism of the games we play. 

Now in regards to Odyssey, I wasn't the biggest fan of the gameplay trailer, but I did love the setting an the reintroduction of naval gameplay (Im a sailor at heart). We may not like the fact that there isn't any assassins or templars to speak of in this game, but we have to remember that in terms of lore, there was a lot of things that happened in-between the formation of the original brotherhood and the first civilization. Now as far as I can remember (and please tell me if you guys know something else I may have missed) Byek was gonna get a trilogy? When we first heard about the setting of Origins people speculated that the game was gonna have parts of it be in Greece and in Rome, and the developers said the this was true but decided to scrap the idea and make each location into its own game. I think Byek has been the most relatable character from any AC (and I love Ezio) but because of this, I want to see his arc continue. Hopefully we see him in the following game whose tittle starts with the letter "o". 

My final point i want to address is the fact that we were told AC was not gonna be a yearly franchise and that they were gonna focus on making a saga like Ezio's. So this leads me to speculate that next year we will get a game concluding this "o" saga only to be followed up by a two year gap for the new game. Let me know what you guys think. These were just a few things I have been think about in terms of the franchise we love.

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