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Yet Another Interesting Location: Yakutia

I have talked about Finland and Sami in my recent posts and why they would be great locations for an Assassin's Creed game. In this one, I would like to mention Yakutia.

Yakutia is located in Northern parts, nearby to Russia and if i know correctly, they are a part of Russia too. But the people of Yakutia are Turks (mostly). Even though Russian Christianism is mostly accepted in Yakutia, it is also a fact that a huge amount of Shamans exists there. Yakut Shamans have the same concept as ancient Turkish shamanism but unlike most Turkish countries they did not let the popular religions conquer over them and preserved most of the culture which i find this amazing.

I know shamanic concept is used in AC3 but that was America, a considerably more popular place than Yakutia. I think a game that takes place in Yakutia which you play as a shamanic Assassin would be very interesting. I wanted to share this idea with you guys and would be great to take your opinion on this as well.

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