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Clean up team

So this weekend I went to a convention with twp of my friends and in the trip back home, we ended up talking about Unity with my friend who loves ac. 

Now there's this thing with unity thats always sort of weird for me and I'm probably the only family member that has played the game and doesnt know how to react : apparently according to the elders in our family, we'd somehow be related to Mirabeau? There used to be a portrait of him hanged in the family house and they'd say that he was related to us. We never rrally did any genealogy and all, but we do know the familycomes from Provence so there's this big familial confusion where were like "we dont know and we dont really care", but the thing is that, since he's in unity, I just really get mixed feelings about this and its been on my mind since day 1.

Now that this is explained, we were on the car and it was around midnight and I thought my dad (who always makes jokes like this) was about that say that actually we were assassins to my friend bc of Mirabeau, and when I told him I thought he'd say this, he replied:

"God hecking dammit Adra now we have to get rid of her."

And the joke became that, since we got lost, we were trying to find and empty field to get rid of her and call the cleanup team. Finally we found our way back and dropped her home after an hour and tolf her we'd pic her up tomorrow for the con.

On the next day, we ended up meeting an ac cosplayer, whom I asked for a picture and when we were done, I just turned to my friend and went: "This is Bob, from the cleanup team, he said he was excited to take care of your body later today."

 So yeah, tl:dr my dad and I would be real bad at following the creed and the brotherhood now has a cleanup team. Also we established that my friend that would hate on the games without ever really playing them past the hour mark bc they "glorify a cult" is actually a templar. 

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