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AC Odyssey Theory

So I have not been on here in quite some time now, I have been waiting patiently to hear more news of AC Odyssey. With what news I have heard a new theory has formed in my little head. I still hold my theory that in Odyssey the player will witness the birth of the Order of the Ancients. I also hold that Kassandra and Alexios are twins simply from rumors that I have heard, although those rumors are unconfirmed by the devs. But, my new theory is this: What if, we will see the last living member of the first civilization in Odyssey? We know that the Isu were practically gods when compared to humans. We also know that they understood science much better than humans most likely ever will. The Catastrophe which caused them to die out and make humans the more dominant species on earth happened around 75000 years in the past. and Odyssey will be the earliest game in the series to date taking place 4 centuries before Origins. We also know that Layla will find out more information about the Isu in Odyssey. So basically the thing im trying to get to is what if the Cult of Kosmos from Odyssey knows of the last living Isu and is serving him in their own twisted way, and Kassandra has to go up against them. discovering the Isu and reforming the cult of Kosmos into the Order of the Ancients. And the last Isu member dies during this game and Layla is now aware of where she can find actual DNA from the Isu member. 

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