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Accursed ruffians!

Greetings Brother and Sister Templar's.

You know, as our influence in the narrative is slowly being diminished first with Ruffian's Creed: Origins and no doubt with Odyssey when it final drops with it’s a thousand one extra attachments (tools & outfits downloads, extra missions and other in-game purchases), I have been replaying through some of the earlier chapters in our battle with the ruffians and I have been left wondering a few things:

  • How is it do the ruffians defy the known laws of gravity?? Take Syndicate for instant. I mean Big Ben (the clock tower and not the meat pie) is around 96 meters high (that is about 320 feet high). Physics tells the (educated) us that one’s down ward speed increases about 10 meters a second for every second travelled. Suffices to say by the time you hit the hay cart or piles of leaves, you average ruffian would be travelling pretty quick.
  • How is it do the ruffians defy the known laws of buoyance?? Take any Ruffians Creed game from chapter 2 onwards and ask yourself how does someone fully clothed (some in leather outfits) carrying hidden blades, guns, throwing knives and archery equipment swim more than a few feet without sinking like a bloody stone??
  • How do the ruffians defy the known laws of observation?? For those who actually work in the light, any interesting experiment would be to find a public area with a local law enforcement officer patrolling the area and commit a crime but make sure that that law enforcement office sees you. When they do, make haste to the nearest park bench, group of people or surreptitiously placed closet, to see if you vanish from sight.
And finally

  • Just how do the ruffians get the citizens of towns to leave their financial gains and material goods out in mostly unlocked boxes mostly outside to be stolen at a moments notice??
And somehow we Templar’s are the bad guys? What did we do??.....ummmm……well, nevermind but at least we did it in style!

Brothers and sisters, may the light of the father of understanding guide you

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