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A victim of excessive progress

Ahhhh….Do you remember the good old days? Back a million years or so to the dark days of 2005, a whole earth shattering fifteen years ago? When you got a PS2 game that a fairly tight story line, reasonable graphics for the time and very rarely clichéd at all? Ahhhhh weren’t times good! You could get a few like-minded mates around with a few beers and knock a game out in about eight to ten hours with non-stop play.


Leaving a side that the life span of consoles is steadily shrinking, the once tight story line of a franchise that has so lost its way and become so loose it requires constant flicking back and forth between screens to see where the fudge you up to (let alone working out what you are doing is actually germane to the story what there is of it). On the plus-side the graphics have improved but on the down side, so have the clichés (My current favourites are: floating rocks and trees in Odyssey and a man running back and forth about 10 feet in the air in Syndicate) and don’t get me started on the topic of incessant patches. As for getting your mates around? I am over a 110 hours into the current bloat, I would have to start charging room and board if I wanted friends around to play.

Why I am telling you this?

Simple. The evolution from what had to what we have got is simply down to creed and a lack of appreciation of what we had. For a while now, it has largely been the same old story:

Fans - “WOW! A great game….but wouldn’t be better if….”.

Console makers – “ That’s not a bad idea but we will need bigger and better”

Developers – “ That’s not a bad idea but if bigger and better is coming and maybe we will try this as well.”

The bigger and better hits the market place, a few short months later:

Fans - “WOW! A great game….but wouldn’t be better if….”.

We as gamers need to wake and smell the roses and appreciate what we have and slow down on the badgering for bigger and better. Bigger and better may seem cool at the time BUT if this forums sudden influx of comments on Assassin’s Creed: Unity is anything to go by bigger and better sometimes does not past the test in the end.

My normal outro when you think about it maybe just more apt that you realise.

May the Father of Understanding guide us all.


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