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h e immortal Demi God keeper/watcher and year 2 dlc

I have had a love hate relationship with odyssey, but I do think the most recent DLC in the fate of Atlantis story arc was great. It was an interesting take on Greek mythology in somewhat of an accurate manner to the lore compared to other mediums. I'm on record on this site saying several times that I'm all for the simulation story they are telling since Origins, mainly because it makes sense for old fans that have been around since Desmond and because it also gives a valid explanation to a lot of things that haven't made sense since AC black flag. 

Alexios/Kassandra is now or is going to be the keeper and watcher of history and the current simulation going on through the AC timeline. The reason i bring this up is because we are told at the end of the main story of Odyssey that our hero lived through several wars and periods only to give the staff to the chosen one. Now i think given that ubisoft said odyssey will have a year two season pass and the fact our hero lived thru so many time periods, the year two DLC will have time rifts where our hero lives thru a few key time periods between ancient Greece and the modern day. Even encountering a few previous AC protagonist helping them directly or indirectly to make sure things play out how hayley are suppose to in the simulation as they are the keep and watcher.

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