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About the importance of history of Unity

Hello everyone.

The nuance of the tragedy, of course, must be in the whole history of unity. There is confrontation

 between murderers when Arno has to decide between the order of murderers and Elise; and in the 

confrontation with Bellec.

Elise's situation / condition as heiress of the great Templar master is clear, the story unfolds well leading

 her to the final confrontation against Germain.

At the end of Unity, Arno and Elise complete the story.

Elise's death does not give any positive aspect to the plot of the story, it does not enrich it.

If one wanted to show moral aspects of redemption or fanaticization that leads to revenge, it could be 

done in a positive way, not in a negative way.

wanting to show that reality begins and ends in oneself could have been shown in a positive way, that 

Elise would have left the confrontation with Germain alive. Following the story, Arno with time 


Thanks for your attention.

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