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Next story of Assassin Creed

Hello Guys,

we all know that the next new assassin creed will be set based around the Vikings...

here my new ideas about the next story after the vikings,

after the Viking  we all know that maybe it will be set in Japan AND I also have an ideas about another story that will be set in Malacca the Golden City.. 

The story is about how the corruption of the minister (Bendahara) of the Malacca  betray the King (Sultan) by working with the Portugal (Templar) to take the city 3G (Gold, Gospel, Glory)  and take the main item that is the ancient artifact that people of the Malacca and their Kings protected...

and how the assassin try to kill/capture the betrayer of their council that be working with the minister who work with the Templar...

I know that Malacca is the biggest country and also the biggest trader in the EAST at that time. and it also give me an idea how they send their ancient artifact to others country to protect the artifact from the Templar before Portugal destroy Malacca.

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