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Welcome to The Council

The Assassin's Creed Council gives you direct access to the backstage of the game. Besides getting official fresh news from the Studio, it also allows you to be active among the community. In this dedicated space, you can share some content, vote about the contributions of the community's members, follow the ideas and activities of your favorite members and win your chair in the leaderboard. Now, it's time for you to act.


Become omnicient

Never lose sight of what's happening in the Assassin's Creed world. The Council is where you'll get official and live fresh info directly from the game producers: studio's actualities, exclusives assets, event's schedule. All of this, without having to spy us.

From now on, you can also express your preferences and all your creativity to the Studio by voting and participating to the challenges the team propose.

Dive into the Studio's world

Here is my new fan art,
hope you'll like it !

Write History

Decide the face and future of the Council by posting new content or comments.

You also have power over other contributor's content by voting and sharing. Only the best contributions will move from the shadows into the limelight.

Take part into community's life

Be remembered

Epic Badges and levels will reward the most active members.

Submit your achievements to the community and increase your influence: your involvement and your renown will be rewarded by a points & badges system.

Be ready to win your chair in the leaderboard.

And there is more.

Find how to climb the ladder into Council's hierarchy

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