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Code of the Creed

Hello all!

Here is a document that should serve as an overall guide to what is expected of Assassins using The Council website.

First and foremost, use of The Council website is intended to be fun! We have created this as a place for our beloved community to post news, share artwork and discuss all things Assassin’s Creed… but it’s also designed to collect the most devoted among our fans so that we can deliver exclusive news and updates directly from the studio. And with the Assassin’s Creed series becoming even more enormous each year, we want to invite fans of any aspect of the brand to feel welcome and valued. This is your place, Assassins.

Now, this is a social site, so there are a couple of points of etiquette to observe when interacting with your fellow Assassins and when posting content here…

1. Be courteous to your fellow Assassins.

2. Demonstrate your elite status in the community by being helpful. If there is an Member who doesn’t know something you do, take a moment to be a true brother/sister and explain things. A Mentor doesn’t make fun of their Assassins for lacking knowledge, but instead shares their wisdom freely with the order.

3. Don’t post duplicate content, lewd or excessively graphic content, and do not circumvent the language filter.

4. Avoid spamming. Repeatedly posting the same post or topic in different, or across multiple languages, is considered spamming. Such posts can be removed. Intentional off topic or nonsense posting is also likely to be considered spam and will receive the same treatment. This applies to both written text and image posting.

5. Always give credit where credit is due. Nobody likes an Assassin who steals another’s feathers, taking credit for others’ kills. This is a really serious point, so be advised that posts that do not contain proper crediting will be subject to moderation.

6. If you see something you like, don’t be stingy with praise! Rather than focus on negative aspects of posted content, look around for stuff you really like and promote it! You have ways to do this in the form of “up voting,” commenting and sharing… and these are the ways that Assassins earn points on the site that contribute to their standing in the order, so please be sure to boost those contributors who are providing content you love.

 So, what kinds of things can you post on this site? More or less whatever you like, as long as you truly believe it would be of interest to your fellow Assassins.

Let’s talk about the scoring system, which is designed to reward interaction. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t get points just for posting, but here are some things you do get points for:

· If your article is up voted

· If your comment is up voted

· If someone favourites your article

· If someone shares your article

· If someone clicks on your shared article

· When someone comments on your article

 There are some other ways you can get points, but we have to keep some things shrouded in mystery or we will cease to be Assassin’s Creed.

Safety and Peace, Assassins!


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