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Pet Animal Button

  • Night_Navigator

    Maybe they'll add this in the future ^^

  • Juliab597

    It would be totally cool if they added a feature which allows you to feed your eagle or horse in the game. Also maybe some missions where you could bail hay or clean the barn.

    • AuraAssassin20

      You actually can feed Senu. If you stand still long enough, she will perch on Bayek's arm and if you continue to stand still he will begin to feed her.

  • D.sH.

    Are you serious? Go out and pet an animal. You can do that in real life. Asking for these worthless features is what lead the franchise down the drain. "No, we don't care about an actually decent story or captivating gameplay. No, what we want is the option to pet an animal with absolutely no consequence to the rest of the game or even any sense in the given context". How many times did you make Ezio pet the dogs? How much time do you think the average player spends with that feature. It is definitely not even close to the amount of time invested in making it happen. These things take time to implement. Both money and schedule are fixed variables, so making this happen would mean that something else does not get implemented. You know, something that is actualy interesting.

    • AssassinKelly54

      Dude, chill. It's supposed to be a joke. Neither Syndicate had that. It's like a parody for the fans who asked for pet button is one of Ashraf Ismail's interviews.

    • Fling_da_cheese

      No, Are YOU serious?? All the assassin's creed games having amazing stories, if you actually listen and follow them (no you obviously did not listen to the stories) AC 1 got the ball rolling with Altair, then came AC II with Ezio (I think you have a bromance with him , so you miss him, understandable, but he is dead now, move on!) Ezio tied the story to Altair in revelations and also tied it to the future by talking to Miles. AC III furthered the story by linking Rogue, Black Flag, Unity and Syndicate together (hint: Elise visited Jennifer Kenway in London and Connor is Edward's grandson and Haythem is Edward's son and Syndicate was tied in to the latter's simply by going to the Kenway manor and spying some of his stuff in his personal assassin's den. So if your stuck on the whole "I cant play Ezio anyway?!?!? Then this game sucks!!!" thats both childish and moronic. Stories have to end or else they get boring, stale and eventually turned to ash. Why not pay more attention to the story next time you play or if you have not played (I know alot of people that gain opinions without actually playing and that is stupid) Then play the games! Ezio was awesome, but he is not the beginning nor is he the end of assassin's creed, man up, please or just be quiet about your negative opinions.

  • Lone-Wulfe

    D.sH. is triggered

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