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Regarding the AMD FX Series processors poor performance.

Firstly, AC Origins is awesome,

The massive world, interesting side quests, loot, things explore.

However, one problem I do wish I did not have, was performance issues.

Its not terrible, Its not like its unplayable, but I would love to get steady framerates so I could enjoy the game even more.

Now after reading this latest news post, its starting to make sense. 

"Poor performance AMD FX Series processors"

AND, they directly named the processor I have.

"especially with FX-8350 model"

In some ways, its kind of a relief to get some sort of explanation/reason for the fps dips etc, and to find out they are aware of the bad performance with this cpu specifically.

The problem seems to be the game not working well with the fx8350, so its not like my PC is just not good enough, end of story. So im hopefull it could be improved.

So, what im wondering is....are they actually gonna work on a fix for this ? specifically try and optimise the game for this cpu ? and patch it ?

I hope they are able to try and fix the fps drops with AMD processors.

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