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Minor discrepancies throughout the AC-media

Greetings brothers and sisters,

Discrepancies throughout larger media series have always been a pet peeve of mine, and so far AC was doing rather well, with only occasional and small little things being off. However, over the past year I've noticed several, and I was wondering what the rest of our community thinks of this, is it just a result from multiple studios developing the media, or are there others who are triggered a little by these things?
Mind you these are still rather small in the scope of things, and I still love the series and will not let it spoil my fun, I'm just curious about other people's opinions.

2 of the examples of last year:
- OK so the release is technically 2016 but in 2017 I finally got around to watching the AC film, and at some point someone (I think Alan or Sophia Rikkin) states to Callum that the Templars have never held any Pieces of Eden... Now, I choose to believe they're just lying in an attempt to manipulate him, but it definitely triggered how off the statement seems in comparison to the other media.


- At the end of ACO we learn that Aya renames herself Amunet, originally I really liked this little throwback to ACII where the tomb of Amunet is one of the Assassin Tombs that you look for throughout Italy, and how she will eventually end up killing Cleopatra with the asp. HOWEVER, then I realised... Mario claims that the Assassin Tombs in Italy contain the real remains of these legendary assassins, that they've been relocated to these resting places (hundreds of) years ago... But Layla finds Aya's mummy in the same tomb as Bayek, and seeing as this mummy is used to obtain Aya's genetic material to unlock further memories we know this is the real Aya... So... who is entombed in the Basilica di San Marco in Venice?
  • Hameedo.21

    u know, the last part what u said does make sense lol who was in the tomb in Italy @____@

  • Ninde77

    Could you tell me where did you find the info that ''the Assassin Tombs in Italy contain the real remains of these legendary assassins"? Because Mario during the first visit there says only that"These are the assassin's who guarded the freedom of humanity when it was most threatened", there is no mention of the remains. So if there is really no word about that, I think that one problem is solved ;) And when it comes to the AC movie, there's much more discrepancies (like I think there was a moment when one of the Templar publicly said that he belongs to the Order, when we all know that it was as much secret as the Assassin's... ://),, so for me the movie is very inconsistent with the games and it is sometimes hard to take it as a canon...

    • G04T215

      to be fair the movie did suck for what it could of been

    • Petrolea

      I was replaying ACII recently, that's when I realised. When Mario first shows Ezio the Sanctuary he does use the words you quoted, and a few lines later Mario says the following: "I heard rumours of crypts located througout Italia. Hidden tombs filled with treasure, where these six were moved centuries ago". So ok that isn't an assurance that these are the very people, but at the very least it heavily implies as much. The dialogue I'm referring to is part of this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5_f5vs41hA4 Should be at roughly 1:25 up to 2:00. (I couldn't find a video of just this dialogue as quickly)

    • Ninde77

      Hmm, I guess you're right, because we can actually see bodies hidden in those tombs and it would be strange to understand it like: "this are bodies, but nobody actually said that this are the legitimate bodies of the legendary assassin's or it was only Mario's guessing". Unfortunatelly there is a clear mistake and a discrepancy :/

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