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Dear Future, From Unity! What AC should go for!?

I've been pondering on this idea about two months after AC:U was released and I have to say I am still a big fan for Unity, no matter what bad impression it was given. Why? It's simply the Co-op system! When did we ever have a chance to really connect with other Assassin's to play even parts of a story or exercise. Customizing your own Assassin with a skill unlock system and equipment for lots of weapons, apparel with attributes, and numerous items to benefit the team.

That is what made AC:U really stand out! We can point out it's flaws easily. But this is why I am ready for Ubisoft to combine all their ideas into one Assassin's Creed game. Imagine if Origins had what Unity had, or even Black Flag for it's competitive side along with a Wolf Pack with tons of customization for those two modes! I'm only listing off what made them really stick out for me. For Unity, I hoped more updates would come but overwhelmed by so much, I get why it is no longer touched. What I mean is a true Assassin's Creed game that offers Role- Playing, Massive Multiplayer, Cooperative game play, and Competitive game play.

Can you see your own created Assassin with customization of skins, apparel (detailed with head, face, shoulder, belts, torso, undershirts, overcoats, hoods, hats, pants, boots, etc.) with no stat change dialog style, fighting style, or even activation of your own start to unlimited skills of many. This is simply starting off customization for initiated players. Being able switch between unlimited set skills at any time, so you feel solely dedicated to your role and/or swap a role with other players if that role needs to be filled if they've put skill points toward their own skill tree. A campaign that you can join in on those in that level and level balance when entering a lower player level. The more players, the more enemies or higher difficulty with increased patrols and definitely boss fights to be intense. For example, gladiator horde modes or the races in Origins could have been competitive or co-op. eeds to have the idea of Ghost Recon: Wildlands but unique for ever side mission and every main mission being epic, also adding that gathering resources will be the most concentrated and broken down to many things you can loot from.

What would the time period or location? I thought of actually multiple places... as in we use our Assassin to actually travel though multiple locations and time periods meeting certain Character's to find a lost P.O.E. or even multiple or dispatching major Templar targets. I'd say Prepare for the longest and greatest Assassin's Creed game ever.

You get the idea! Thank you for reading and for your time. I hope that this builds a foundation for the evolution of Assassin's Creed and what would be awesome.

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