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Not dead?

Heyyyy it's been a while yall :' ) I haven't been really able to come on here as often as I wish I could have but hopefully I'll have more time to be active soon lol for the people that commented on the post I made what, almost a month ago? I just wanted to say that I'm currently working on the Haymarket affair (I'm currently about halfway through it) and I should work on the Hittite Empire after, though I might wait until I finish Origin since, if I recall properly, the Hittites disappeared completely under Ramses II's reign, which is anterior to Origin. I'm currently working my way thought the game so once this will be done, I should be able to work on it without fearing to be spoiled about the game :' ) So yeah, I'm (sadly) not dead and glad to be (kinda) back :D

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