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Tips for your collection in AC unity

Hello!!!    my beloved fellow assassin's 

let me introduce myself, Orvatz, professional assassin, and fan of the franchise 

and today, ill show you a Big Tip in assassin's creed unity

If you are the kind of players that love to collect things, and wanna earn rewards all over the place, and unlocking everything, then hear me out 

with that tip all of the riddles/locations/nomad locations to find things, everything will be much easier

in the game, you can tap esc, and look at the option EStore, in there, you will see the "Time Saver Packs"

As you see, each pack is about 150 helix points, and all 4 of them will be 150x4= 600 

today ill teach you how to get 600 helix credits free!!!! 

ok that's actually really easy, so follow my steps: 

1- finish the story (the main story)- that will reward you with 400 helix credit!, so have fun in the story, and than, you can continue to the collection 

2- tap ESC 

enter Uplay

you will see on the left a category "club rewards" 

(if you are still not a club member then sign up) 

search there the helix reward, you can get 200 helix credits for Free!!!!! 

3-enjoy!!!! buy all the packs!!!! that will help you progress and earn all of the rewards  

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