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Neglecting the collection

From my opinion Assassin's Creed the Ezio collection was a neglegency of such a good game. Graphics don't always matter. Technically Assassin's Creed the Ezio collection is not good. Only some improvement in graphics and few things couldn't work. Some sort of objectives in missions as well as character quality should have been improved lest. Side missions we're good as well as it's legendary story. Since it's score didn't met my expectations. Probably Ubisoft should understand that remastering a game doesn't always means only graphics but some big technical improvement must be done likewise they could have improved detailing as well as because of some nonsense acts and foolishness in other characters. They could have gone about armory improvements. I request to Ubisoft that what game they are thinking to remaster it. There must be big technical improvements like combat system and new weapons.

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